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WinTrezur bookmarks can be used to store:

  • Favorite local paths (folder / file) and open them within WinTrezur - referred as internal bookmarks
  • Favorite external system applications that are launched with current WinTrezur path - referred as external bookmarks
  • Urls and other file bookmarks launched using Windows shell - referred as external static bookmarks

Only the internal bookmarks are show in the Places tree of the file browser. The rest are accessible via the menu.

To add a new bookmark use the main toolbar, or press Ctrl + D. To access the bookmarks manager use the main toolbar, or press Ctrl + Shift + D. The bookmarks are show as sub-menu entries in toolbar.

[Accessing Bookmarks]

The default bookmarks are stored in plain text in a file within WinTrezur configuration folder. Bookmarks can also be saved and loaded from encrypted files (*.a2r).

External Application Bookmarks

To add an external application bookmark, select [External] option, and enter the full path of the external application. Use file selection button to select an eternal application exe. In the arguments, use the path placeholder button menu to specify the file / folder placeholder (example, %f%). Give the menu a name, and specify an optional group name (a group creates a sub menu). Press OK when done (you can edit all the information at any time later on, using the Bookmarks manager).

[External Application Bookmark]

The [Options] menu in [Add Bookmark] window, contains sample configurations of some system applications, such as, Paint.

When an external bookmark is activated via the menu, the application is invoked with the current disk file path of WinTrezur. If there is not path that matches the current path placeholder the application is launched with empty file arguments.

Internal File Bookmarks

To add an internal application bookmark, select [Internal] option (application is set to %app%), and enter the full path of the disk file or folder in the arguments. Use WinTrezur button next to Executable box, to automatically enter current WinTrezur folder. Use the [Options / Internal Bookmark] menu for more options (current file / folder). Same as with external bookmarks, specify a menu name, and an optional group name (sub menu). Press OK when done (you can edit all the information at any time later on, using the Bookmarks manager).

[Internal File Bookmark]

Internal bookmarks, when selected via the bookmarks menu, cause WinTrezur to jump to the pointed file or folder path. The file or folder of internal bookmarks is static (a path) and not a path placeholder.

External Static Bookmarks

[External URL Bookmark]

The combinations you can use for bookmarks depend on the use case. For example, you can leave the Executable empty for an [External] bookmark and write as argument a static web URL. In this case, WinTrezur will lauch the URL in default system browser when the bookmark is selected via the menu.

Bookmarks Manager

To access the bookmarks manager use the main toolbar, or press Ctrl + Shift + D.

[Bookmarks Manager]

To modify one selected bookmark, use [Bookmarks / Edit] menu, or double-click it. To delete bookmarks use [Bookmarks / Delete] menu. The context menu (right-click) offers quick access to the available options. To edit multiple bookmarks at once, first select them either manually, or by using specialized options in [Select] menu. Once you have selected the desired bookmarks, use the [Modify Selected] menu to modify group, tags, or replace arbitrary text in all selected bookmarks at once. For example, you can replace the folder location prefix for several bookmarks at once, if you have changed their hard disk location.

To save changes use [Bookmarks / Save] menu. You will be asked to save any changes made also when you close the bookmarks manager.

Encrypted Bookmarks

WinTrezur stores default bookmarks in plain text file called bookmarks.txt in configuration folder. To use encrypted bookmarks, open the bookmarks manager and start by creating an encrypted copy of current bookmarks, using [Security / Save To ...] menu. You will be asked for the location of the encrypted file (*.a2r) were to store the bookmarks and for the password. All current bookmarks are saved. You can edit the file later to remove existing bookmarks if needed.

To load an encrypted bookmarks file (bookmarks *.a2r file), use the [Security / Load From ...] menu. You will be asked to select the desired file you want to open, and specify its password. Once a valid encrypted bookmarks file is open, its content replaces the current bookmarks. All bookmarks operations are now applied to the last open encrypted bookmarks file.

WinTrezur starts always with default non-encrypted bookmarks. To open encrypted bookmarks, use the [Security / Load From ...] as described above. The encrypted bookmarks remain as current ones, until you close WinTrezur, or load another file. You can switch to default bookmarks at any time, by using [Security / Load Defaults] menu in bookmarks manager.

[Encrypted Bookmarks]

Several indicators in the interface (title of windows, and icons) show to you at any time whether you are working with encrypted bookmarks.

The button next to Executable in the add bookmark window, can also help to store archive internal folders when you use the encrypted bookmarks (and not only disk folders). The [Options] menu has an additional entry to bookmark internal archive files.

Groups and Tags

Every bookmark is shown as a menu item in the bookmark menu. If you do not specify any Group for the bookmark (leave it empty), its menu will be in the top level. Specifying a group creates a sub menu and bookmark menu is placed there. Groups help organize the bookmarks menu to keep it usable. When you add, or edit a bookmark, you can select one of the existing groups you have created from the Group combo box. Like this you can easily reuse the groups you have created.

Groups can be nested into each other. To specify nested groups separate the nested group names with a dot ".". For example, Group 1.Group 2 will create the menu Group 1 containing the sub menu Group 2. You can nest groups as needed to better organize the bookmarks. The group can be changed at any time using the bookmark manager. In bookmark manager, you can even change the group of several bookmarks at once, to move them between menus.

Bookmarks can be tagged with custom words (separated by space). When you create or edit a bookmark you specify optional tags for it. Use the tag button next to the Tag box to select from existing tags you have already used. Tags can be changed later on, for one or more bookmarks at once using the bookmarks manager. Tags can be used to easily find bookmarks containing specific tags in the bookmarks manager.

Moving Bookmarks Between Files

Use the context menu in bookmark manager to [Copy] selected bookmarks as text in clipboard. You can paste them to Notepad, or open another bookmarks file and use the context menu in bookmark manager to [Paste] them. You can also edit bookmarks in as raw text using same method.

WinTrezur Tutorials

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