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Using Text Editor

To access the Text Editor from the WinTrezur main program window use [File / Security / Text Editor] menu or Ctrl + E keyboard shortcut. Text Editor opens with a new empty text file. Use [File / Save] menu (Ctrl + S) in Text Editor to save the empty file in a preferred hard disk location.

[Text Editor Save File Dialog]

Text Editor saves the files by default encrypted. You can chose to save the encrypted file either as A2R or A2 file (default). The A2R files are the safer option of the two (a A2R archive with one text file is created, it is overwritten completely fully every time you save the file). If you use an A2R file, then do not append other data to it. Use it only with the text editor and not with the rest of WinTrezur. When saving the text data, the A2R file in re-created (any previous content is lost). You will be asked for a password and for the encryption options you want to use.

Once the file is saved, it remains open in the Text Editor. You can continue editing and save (Ctrl + S) it as needed time after time. Text Edit will not ask you anymore for the password as long as file is open. If you close it, you need to provide again the password (and same encryption options) next time you want to open it again (when using [File / Open] menu).

You may choose to append some random text in the beginning and end of the text file by using [Edit / Insert / Random Text] menu. The random text makes it harder to guess what the file contents are. Use a random length for the random text. When the text file is saved as an A2R archive file, random data are added to the saved file by default and adding random text explcitly as just described is not really needed (adds no extra security), but you can still do that if you like to.

Saving Favorite Paths in Text Editor

You can use Text Editor to maintain favorite paths in a text file (as an alternative to the built-in Bookmarks). Open Text Editor ([File / Security / Text Edit]) from main WinTrezur window. Create a new encrypted text file, or open an existing one as described above. Use WinTrezur main window to browse and select the path (or paths) of interest you want to bookmark as favorites.

[Text Editor]

Switch to open Text Editor window (leaving the file(s) / folder(s) selectted in main WinTrezur window), place the cursor on the open text file location where you want the paths to be put in, right-click and select [Insert / Selected Files] (or use [Edit / Insert / Selected Files] menu). Repeat these actions as needed.

The [Edit / Insert / Selected Files] menu inserts both file and folder paths as file:// links in the text (spaces in paths are encoded as %20). You can bookmark also paths pointing within (A2R) archives. The path text is transfered internally within WinTrezur process, no system clipboard is used.

To browse back to a favorite path, double-click its saved file:// link in Text Editor. Make sure [Options / Detect Links] (also found on task bar as icon) is checked, so that file:// paths show up as clickable links. Once you double-click to a favorite path, the WinTrezur main window will jump and browse that location. If the favorite path is within an encrypted archive (A2R), you will be asked to provide the password to it, if it has not been specified before.

Encrypting Text as Text (Base64)

Sometimes you may like to copy paste encrypted text in text form in some web forum or email, and tell the password to use with another means (another forum). Use the [Options / Base64 / Encrypt] to encrypt current text and encode the binary encrypted data as base64 readable text. You may want to add some random data before and after your text (before encryption) using [Edit / Insert / Random Text] menu. You will be asked to enter the encryption password and encryption algorithm to use.

[Base64 Encoding of Encrypted Text]

The encrypted and base64 text replaces the original text in the editor. You can copy / paste that text to email, or save to a file, or paste to some web forum. To get back the original text, open / paste the base 64 encrypted text in editor and used [Options / Base64 / Decrypt] menu. You have to enter the original encryption password and other data, and the text is then replaced with the decrypted original version.

The [Options / Base64] only supports encrypted text from WinTrezur - it is not a generic plain text base64 decoder. The encrypted (A2 file) text is encoded as base64. This option works ok also on the free version of WinTrezur.

Base64 for Images

[Base64 Encoding of Images]

You can also encode single image as base64 readable text using the [Image / Export / Import] context menu of the image viewer. By default, base64 encoded and exported images are NOT encrypted. To encrypt base64 saved image activate first [Edit / Options / Advanced mode] option. Then you will see an option to encrypt exported images as A2 files, before base64 encoding them. The base64 images can be openeded using same [Image / Export / Import] context menu of the image viewer (use the Import action).

WinTrezur Tutorials

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