Terms of Service

To use MyPlanet Software web site and provided software you must agree and adhere to the following:

No Warranty

All software and information offered by MyPlanet Software comes with absolutely no warranty. Use the provided software upon your own risk. MyPlanet Software will not be held liable for the way you use or misuse its software or information. The software is provided as is without any implied or explicit warranty of any kind.


All content and software found in this web site are copyrighted by MyPlanet Software. All rights upon our software and web site contents are reserved.

Proper Use

The software is free for personal use only. For all other user please contact MyPlanet Software. You should not try to reverse engineer, or try to understand, the internals of any of our compiled software components.

No Support

The free software found in this site is not supported. MyPlanet Software does not release information about software other than what is publicly accessible in this web site. For any commercial related inquiries please contact MyPlanet Software.

Privacy Policy ensures the privacy of the web site visitors and the software users. Any information collected by MyPlanet Software web site is not passed, or sold, to any third-party. MyPlanet Software applications run locally and do not connect to the Internet. They do not contain any addware or spyware.

MyPlanet Software web site collects only generic information in these cases:

  • When you visit web pages web usage statistics are collected. This includes IP address and the viewed pages.
  • When you send emails to the email headers and the email text are preserved.

MyPlanet Software has no control over data collected in the following cases:

  • pages may contain third-party advertisements. These parties may collect their own traffic data.
  • The hosting company of web site collects also web usage statistics, based on the USA law.


MyPlanet Software reserves the right to review these terms of service or the terms of service of any specific product at any time and without any notice. If you do not agree to these terms of service you should stop using MyPlanet Software products, and the web site content.

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